Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Final post of 2013: Google Chrome Omnibox

I stumbled upon this idea on Twitter. This blog post is inspired by Jennie Magiera's post,  Karl Lindgren-Streicher's post, and Robert Pronovost's post. The idea is to type in the letters of the alphabet in the Chrome omnibox and see what comes up! A simple but fun activity!

A: AOKP.co - I'm an Android enthusiast and geek. AOKP is a custom Android ROM!
B: Blogger.com - Need to blog more, but have been doing some!
C: Crosswalk.com - Glad to see my devotional pop up there!
D: Dishanywhere.com - Love being able to watch my Dish TV from anywhere! (geekmode)
E: Educationrethink.com - Actually 1 was ESPN, but @edrethink makes me think more!
F: Facebook.com - I have mixed feelings on this one.
G: Google.com - duh
H: HGTV.com - not sure on this one. Many other "http" recents, so not too interesting.
I: Idahotechtalk.org - Message board community for Idaho Tech Educator leaders,
J: Java.com
K: kelloggschools.org - My school district!
L: learni.st/users/jonsammy - Techlandia boards. See @ipadsammy I check the Learnist boards!
M: maps.google.com - love me some Google Maps!
N: netflix.com - what did we do before streaming movies? Oh yeah, went to a rental store.
O: Nothing... well except games.espn.go.com
P: play.google.com - +1 Google/Chrome/Android
Q: Nothing...
R: runkeeper.com - love this site and app for tracking activity (run, bike, walk etc)
S: starbucks.com - self explanatory
T: teachercast.tv - Awesome Edu PD
U: und.com - I'm a Notre Dame fan.
V: vandalgrads.com - our family blog.
W: warbyparker.com - tried to get glasses there. Couldn't fill my prescription. #bummed
X: xda-developers.com - Full Android #geekmode Custom ROMs galore.
Y: youtube.com - yay youtube.
Z: zite.com - don't use the magazine type app as much as I used to, but still a cool app.

A-Z, I love me some Google Chrome. Happy 2014 Everyone!


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