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Final post of 2013: Google Chrome Omnibox

I stumbled upon this idea on Twitter. This blog post is inspired by Jennie Magiera 's post ,   Karl Lindgren-Streicher's post , and Robert Pronovost's post . The idea is to type in the letters of the alphabet in the Chrome omnibox and see what comes up! A simple but fun activity! A: - I'm an Android enthusiast and geek. AOKP is a custom Android ROM! B: - Need to blog more, but have been doing some! C: - Glad to see my devotional pop up there! D: - Love being able to watch my Dish TV from anywhere! (geekmode) E: - Actually 1 was ESPN, but @edrethink makes me think more! F: - I have mixed feelings on this one. G: - duh H: - not sure on this one. Many other "http" recents, so not too interesting. I: - Message board community for Idaho Tech Educator leaders, J: K: - My school district! L:

My Homework for Dean Shareski @shareski

1. How do you feel about pants? On a seasonal and situational basis, I am a fan of pants. Further, my pet peeve is when people think outdated, or ill fitting "slacks" or "khakis" are more appropriate than stylish jeans. 2. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? "Frozen" with my family. We rarely get to go to a theatre, so this was special. It was cold outside, and it is a holiday tradition for us so it was a wonderful time. I highly recommend the movie to anyone. Great music, effects, and message. 3. Where are your car keys? In my right vest pocket. I'm in a meeting and it's not warm in this room. 4. What time is it? 11:22AM Pacific Time 5. What’s the last tweet you favorited? Moss Pike @mosspike +1 #Google #eduGeek RT @msvalois: It's official. #google has changed my life! Amazingness! I am in love. #gafesummit 6. Outside of your immediate family, which relative do you like to spend time with? My in-laws. Seriously,

Confessions of a Connected Educator

I am a connected educator. No, seriously, I'm super-connected. I own a smartphone, several tablets, a Chromebook, a laptop, and yes a desktop too, among other devices. I am on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and of course Twitter. I have a PLN that is really fantastic, and I even eclipsed 1000 followers a while back. I know followers aren't everything but it was still a cool milestone! I listen to (and watch/interact with) lots of podcasts like  Techlandia , Teachercast , Principalcast , and many more. I even listen to educational podcasts while I'm running. Ever since the beginning of 2013, when I decided to use Twitter as a PLN, I've been immersed in so many ubiquitous technological social media offerings (which have completely revolutionized my career btw), that I can hardly remember, or imagine where I would be without them. I love being connected. As I said previously, Twitter is amazing. The connections I've made, and continue to make are fantastic. I also