Thursday, November 14, 2013

What's In A Name?

Go Vandals! Came a tribe from the North brave and bold...

I wasn't an early adopter, but I joined Twitter early enough that I probably could have had some form of my name. Unfortunately I didn't have the vision to snag any variation of my name. I instead used a form of my original family domain and blog, which is still active and can be found here. My wife and I are both proud graduates of the University of Idaho... the Vandals.  so @vandalgrad it was. Nothing overly creative, but it matched our blog.

By the time I was really using Twitter as a place to connect, communicate, collaborate, and grow, I was unable to find a variation of my name that 1. Represented me effectively, 2. Didn't take up 20 characters, and 3 is easy to remember. A little over a month or so ago, before #isf13, which was amazing by the way, I decided to make a change. With some encouragement  from some eduawesome tweeps like @LS_Karl and @WokkaPatue I quickly selected something that had some of the qualities above, but was actually available. It is petty slim pickings these days. (Side note: Hey Twitter, you should really be more proactive/aggressive about pruning unused accounts!) Hence @jeditechsm was created. jedi (duh, Star Wars) + tech (I am an edtech enthusiast and tech leader), and sm (my initials). I still like this name but I don't love it. I love Star Wars. In fact, this blog post by David Theriault, is probably my favorite educational blog post of all time.

Inactive people with this as their avatar should be deleted!

But the more I think about it, and the more I connect with such incredibly talented and creative educators and administrators, I realize I'm no Jedi. I could pass as a Padawan, maybe, but probably more of a Youngling. So I’m thinking of a change... even though Star Wars is probably my all time favorite movie, and I've been able to rediscover this with my 10 year old daughter! Nonetheless, while I wait for Twitter (Come on Twitter, sheesh!) to free up names that haven't tweeted for over a year and follow 3 people and still have an egg avatar, I think I need something that represents me better.

I grew up in the shadows of these smelter stacks!

The name of this blog is LeadEDTech. It has a couple meanings, and it can be read and interpreted two ways. First, Lead (as in leader) +  EDTech (Educational Technology). I am a teacher, turned Technology Coordinator, so this works. It can also be said Leaded (think mining) + Tech (Technology enthusiast!) I'll blog more about the rich mining history and how I grew up in the shadows (and smelter smoke) of one of the largest Silver/Ore producers in the USA, Bunker Hill. There has been much controversy and research about residents of my hometown having elevated lead counts in our blood. So I'm "leaded." There is much more to share about this! (maybe later) The third, and serendipitous aspect of the name is that "Leaded" can sometimes mean caffeinated! And we all know how much I love coffee. Also, a shoutout to Amy Mayer @friEdTechnology for the inspiration!

So, until Twitter cleans house, I am making one more change. I'm going back to my roots and matching up with my EdTech Blog space. @jeditechsm is now going to be @LeadEDTech I hope you continue to follow me, and that I can blog, tweet, and share all things leadED and EdTech. Oh and May the Force be with you.

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