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What's In A Name?

* Go Vandals! Came a tribe from the North brave and bold... I wasn't an early adopter, but I joined Twitter early enough that I probably could have had some form of my name. Unfortunately I didn't have the vision to snag any variation of my name. I instead used a form of my original family domain and blog, which is still active and can be found here. My wife and I are both proud graduates of the University of Idaho... the Vandals .  so @vandalgrad it was. Nothing overly creative, but it matched our blog. By the time I was really using Twitter as a place to connect, communicate, collaborate, and grow, I was unable to find a variation of my name that 1. Represented me effectively, 2. Didn't take up 20 characters, and 3 is easy to remember. A little over a month or so ago, before #isf13 , which was amazing by the way, I decided to make a change. With some encouragement  from some eduawesome tweeps like @LS_Karl and @WokkaPatue I quickly selected something that