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Actions > Words

Looks like I fell off the blog-o-sphere again. No posts since July, and it only seems like a few short weeks ago we were swimming, camping, and enjoying the warm Summer Sun. Not only did I neglect my blog posts, but I also decided to nuke my Facebook profile. There were too many reasons to list for my sabbatical, but overall it was good for me. I had "friends" that I never interacted with, and the political and election rants from both sides of the political isle were just too much for me and were beginning to impact my attitude around family and friends. I was ready for a break. A few weeks later, I recreated a FB profile, primarily because interestingly, it was the only mode of communication I had with some of the dearest friends I have. The funny part is that since I deleted my original account, then rejoined with nearly the same name (I added a J for my middle name), and I immediately got 4 or 5 messages asking "did you unfriend me?" But this post is not meant t