Friday, July 20, 2012

Two Gs and me: Day 9

Day 9:
G1 was a bit embarrassed but let me take her picture before camp this morning.

Hey guess what? Today was full of adventure, challenges, and fun, but perhaps a bit more tame than yesterday.  The blog is up a bit late today because our power flickered briefly and for some reason, one of my routers decided to stop working correctly. 2 hours later, I have patched together a setup that should work.

Both G1 and G2 got up right on time, and while they were both eating breakfast, I decided to keep G2 home from day camp. After yesterday's events, I thought it would be best if G2 had a break and maybe had a chance to fully recover. The only problem was that I had scheduled interviews for a position we have open at work for the afternoon. I wasn't sure who to contact on such short notice so I texted Sarah, who wasn't feeling too good either. So, I decided to pack up G2's stuff, including a lunch, and took her into work with me. She was doing OK when Sarah was able to watch her after all. I'm thankful for that.

After roughly 3 hours of interviews, it was finally time to go home and see how G2 was feeling. It was immediately apparent that she was back to 100%. Shortly after getting home, it was time to go pick up G1 from camp and then it would be on to Grandma and Grandpa's house for dinner. I visited with the camp director briefly while picking up G1 and he had nothing but nice things to say about G1. He said "She's a very patient girl," which made my heart swell. I'm so thankful and proud of G1. She's been a huge help throughout this entire adventure and she is very patient with her little sister. After dinner, the girls ate some treats and played a little bit and I took some time to go across the alley to help my aunt with her computer woes.

Puzzles with Grandma

Once we got home, it was bath time again, albeit later than usual. I also let the girls eat the pudding G1 had made at Grandma's the night before. The girls loved that treat. After eating her pudding, G2 was rocking a sweet pudding stache. We brushed teeth, and proceeded to bed. I thought G2's prayer before bed was pretty indicative of how she's feeling these days: "I pray... momma... eh-pane (Airplane)... & momma eh-pane... & 5 minute momma eh-pane ... momma & momma." Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel too G2.
Pudding-stache lol She thought I was admiring her iPad Barbie Movie. 

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  1. I miss you, too, Gemma! And Gracie! And Simon!!!! See you soon!!!