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Two Gs and me: Day 8

Day 8:
Ready for camp day III. 

I'm not sure how to begin today's post. First of all, I'm not even an amateur blogger, nor do I pretend to be. But today's adventure will be tough to put into words. Once again we started the day with an improvement on the previous mornings' regimen. G2 slept in, G1 had to be awakened, and the dog actually slept in too. I woke up to the sound of my alarm, got everything prepared and then woke the  two Gs. The girls got dressed, I prepared breakfast, girls ate breakfast, I prepared lunches for the day. It was like clockwork! I gave them some $ to spend at the camp store and off we were ready to rock and roll. The only red flag was that G2 finished her breakfast, but pointed to her stomach and said "it hurts." Now, Amy and I have learned what this means. G2 has some issues with going #2. She can hold it like no other. If there was a competition for holding a bowel movement for the longest time, G2 would be an Olympic caliber candidate. We aren't sure where she developed this but we have definitely experienced ups and downs since she's been in our family. (Mostly ups)

I dropped the Gs off at the top of Montgomery Gulch for camp and was able to enjoy the moment, unlike Tuesday morning. Seeing my little girls embarking on another adventure that will ultimately create lifelong memories and shape their lives is really a significant experience. G2 still seemed a little but off her game, but nonetheless I was committed to nudging her to explore adventures!

Once again, I went into work. I had to run a few errands first, and while running them, I received a couple calls/texts from a various people I know stating a variety of computer woes. I returned to work and followed up on the personal calls and was even able to help resolve one of them. Once done with those items, I focused on a few key projects for school. You see, I'm not on contract (that means I'm not being paid), but I realize the importance of technology in education and love the challenge. I only mention this because I am really struggling with the scrutiny public education is under. I work with extremely talented, caring, hard working people and I find it really sad that more often than not they are being attacked from all angles. State, Federal, parents, you name it. The "system" isn't broken as the current trending articles would have you believe. Rather the teachers that are at the very heart of education are being attacked. But back to my point, I go into work on my "off" time because I believe I can make a difference. I was able to get a little bit done before getting the dreaded call.....

Yes, that dreaded call. The call from the camp director; the call that something has happened that requires your assistance. It turns out that our precious G2 had an "accident" and needed a change of clothes. Further, she was doubled over and saying she didn't feel good. "OK," I said "I'm just 10 minutes away so I'll be up right away." I stopped at home on the way (remember "Home court advantage?" Yeah it helped big time here) and got a change of clothes for G2 as well as a plastic bag and a wet washcloth. Amy and I have dealt with this before so I was gonna be prepared. Upon arriving, which included me driving the extra 1/2 mile to the actual camp, I saw G1 sitting faithfully next to G2, who was just sitting quietly. The camp director was there too, so I got out and greeted everyone. G1 really wanted to tell me about the cool things she had done that day, but I had to direct her into the car while I handled G2. I could smell the "accident" from 5 feet away so I knew I had my work cut out for me. Since the facilities are pretty rustic at camp, I took G2 to the other side of the car and began to assess the damage and attempt to clean her up enough to put her in the car. I don't think you need graphic details here, but I can assure you that this was worse than any diaper you have ever encountered. I cannot believe G2 was able to sit in that condition for more than 5 minutes... and she probably endured it for hours. It was all I could to to clean her up without my gag reflex winning over. I could tell she was ashamed and embarrassed. At least we were behind the car out of sight of everyone. Of course that was short lived. A couple of the older campers thought it would be fun to come check it out and offer commentary. It broke my heart to the core for both G2 and G1 as they snickered in the background. I was once again reminded of how cruel kids could be.  Nonetheless we pressed on and I encouraged G2 and cleaned her enough to transport to the bottom of the gulch (Home court advantage!! See!) Long story short, I gave G2 2 baths. She was somewhat confused when I drained the tub and made her take another bath. G1 was once again a complete rockstar. G2 is so blessed to have G1 as her advocate. I even heard G1 in the bathroom while G2 was on her 2nd bath, telling her about going #2. "When you have to go, you should just go Gemma," G1 said. Such a great sister!

After trying to hose off G2's clothes, then wash them, it was obvious that the clothes were not salvageable. I swear I needed a hazmat suit. Yeah, I told you it was bad. So I tossed them in the trash. We then took G1 to Grandma Dee's and since G2 was again upset G1 got to go to Grandma's, I took her to the store and we got some yummy dinner and ice cream for a treat.

It was a day full of triumphs, learning, and challenges. But we made it. I couldn't have done it without the help of G1 and hope/pray that G2 feels better tomorrow. She has so much to learn and experience.


  1. Way to go Simon! What a trooper you are!! And the 2G's are great despite the accidents that happen along the way!! We too are thankful that G1 is such a help and a great example as a big sister!! Thank you for being true to the posts! We surely love them and it gives real insight to your "normal" day without Amy there to help! We love you all!!!
    Grandpa and Grandma P

  2. AND, in the midst of all your chaos, Simon, you were able to help an old geek like me! Thank you, thank you! Your girls are so special. Pat


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