Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two Gs and me: Day 7

Day 7:

Well, this morning, getting up and getting ready for Camp Aowakiya was a bit more polished. It was jump-started by G2 getting up at 6AM. (actually 5:54AM, but who's keeping track) This wouldn't have been significant, had I not stayed up late watching Netflix, assuming I could sleep in until 7:30AM. Nonetheless, the day was started and with a little coffee I would survive. Beyond that, nothing too eventful other than getting ready (clothes were all picked out the night before), eating breakfast, and me making lunches. (Again, organized the night before) We were so efficient today, we were ready with at least 20 minutes to spare!
Ready for camp! Day 2. (more time for pictures today!

The trip up the gulch was where the fun began for me. More fun at work was in store. I got about 5 text messages and a few phone calls all within a minute, from various people at work saying "we have no Internet." My first thought was that it was related to the mass amounts of lightning the Spokane area was experiencing. So I figured I'd just go in and see what was going on. This also kinda spoiled my moment of dropping off the girls. See, I'm still an emotional mush ball and dropping off my girls for a day long adventure is still pretty heart wrenching for me. Long story sort, shortly upon arriving at my office, the computer tech and I were able to trace down the problem in under 5 minutes. For some blasted reason, one of our UPS units (think Surge protector on steroids) just decided turn off on its own, and it happened to be powering some of our super-important networking equipment. Thanks Murphy's Law! As I always say, "Tech Happens!"

I was eventually able to get in a good ride, followed by a few hours of yard work consisting of trimming and mowing. A couple more errands and it was then time to pick up the girls. Although I could tell they were tired again, I had filled up the pool at home and it was still hot outside so G1 and G2 could not resist. They played in the pool, then moved to the trampoline, then to the pool. Whew. I was tired watching them! It was then time for some gourmet mac & cheese, which was requested by G1. She's been such a rockstar in Amy's absence that I could not deny her.

Picking up the Gs from camp.

Water meter, water shmeeter...this cool water feels invigorating!

Pool party

Trampoline session between soaks in the pool. 


Goggles + Trampoline!

Picking some strawberries after bath. 

After dinner consisted of bath X2, G1 doing a little strawberry picking, and a little bit of quiet time followed by traditional books and bed. I think I'll try to get to sleep a little earlier tonight in anticipation of another early wake up call from G2. Either that or I'll plan on a nap tomorrow instead of yard work! I'm tapping out. Whew.


  1. The yard and garden look great! Any raspberries yet?

  2. No raspberries but G1 picked Strawberries last night. They had them at breakfast this morning.