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Two Gs and me: Day 6

Day 6:

Well, give or take 12 hours we are at about the halfway point. I was even pretty well prepared (at least for me) for today as the girls would be attending Camp Aowakiya all day. My only minor err of judgment was wake up time. I'm so used to the girls getting up between 6:30-7:00 that I estimated 7:45AM would be a good target wake up time to get the girls dressed, fed, and prepped for camp at 9:00AM. Remember Camp Aowakiya is up at the end of the road up Montgomery Gulch so it's only about a 10 minute ride max. We have definite home court advantage here! Well, it turns out that 7:45 was cutting it pretty close, at least for the first morning. I'm used to making breakfast as that is one of my normal duties, but making breakfast, packing lunches, and making sure the girls are dressed, teeth brushed, etc was a good challenge! Factor in getting the dog outside for "duties," and it was a pretty high paced hour! I merely imagined myself as a contestant of Chopped as I prepared scrambled eggs with melted cheese, fresh fruit, and yogurt while cranking out some ham & cheese sandwiches and sides of apples, carrots, chips, fruit snacks, and Gogurt! OK, it wasn't quite Chopped level performance but to me it was every bit so. Not only did the girls get fed, clothed, teeth brushed, repellent applied... oh and dog relieved, but we made it to camp with 10 minutes to spare. And thanks to my uber-organized wife, all paperwork and medical info was in order. Signature... picture... Goodbye!
The Gs on their first day of Camp Aowakiya

Checked in!

After that I got in a run before it was too terribly hot, and then it was off to work to catch up on a lot of business that had piled up in the last 10 days. Yes I'm officially off contact (AKA Vacation) but a tech person's job is never done. Although I'm officially off the books, I still love what I do and know that we are facing some significant challenges to keep technology thriving and relevant at our schools and departments. I'm also very blessed to work with some of the best in the EdTech business too. So that makes me want to work even harder. It was a very productive 6 or so hours and a lot was accomplished. Unfortunately it was only about 20% or so of my substantial "ToDo" list. Nonetheless, I feel good about getting some things done.

The "After" shot. End of a long day G2? 

Next, I picked up the girls and the ride down the gulch was a good indicator that both Gs were tuckered. Gracie shared a moderate amount of stories from the day, but G2 was too tired to even muster her normal 2 bits. We went to the store to get some essentials and I rewarded the girls with a cold orange smoothie, G1's favorite drink of all time. Once we got home the girls sat at the table getting their digital fix while I "cooked" dinner. I put cooked in quotes because I merely had to warm up a batch of Amy's epic red sauce and fire up some pasta and garlic bread. Again, I was able to imagine myself in Iron Chef with the secret ingredient... CARROTS... left over from lunch today! Easy enough. You don't eat your lunch carrots, you get them as a "side" for dinner. Problem solved. However, G2's fatigue continued to show as she barely touched any of her dinner (she loves Amy's sauce) and said "I'm ty-luhd" (tired) a few times.

It was now time for bath as both girls were pretty grubby from camp all day. Since G2 didn't finish dinner she didn't earn dessert. So I told Gracie to take a bath 1st so  she could have her dessert while G2 was bathing. After the bath shuffle, I sent both girls downstairs to unwind for an hour or so. I watered the flowers, and cleaned a bit and I thought I heard some strange wailing sound in the distance. But couldn't make it out. I passed it off as the girls next door playing outside. A few minutes later, I heard this faint wailing sound but it was identical to the sounds I heard earlier. Upon going downstairs I found G1 and G2 both clutching to a large red ball both crying at the top of their lungs with G1 shouting "I had it first! I had it first! I had it first." The louder G2 got the louder G1 cried and increased her will to get the $1.97 red ball from Walmart from G1's death grip. After getting over the shock of such a G1 meltdown (remembering they were both super tired) I calmly walked over took the red ball of magic and removed it from the room. I was officially calling it a night! We ended up with only a minor whine/whimper during teeth brushing and mustered a book before both Gs were fast asleep... WHEW!

It is fascinating how being tired really manifests itself with kids. I hadn't seen G1 that hysterical for months. And G2 was clearly sleepwalking because I know red $1.97 Walmart balls are cool, but it's not like they are unicorns or rainbows or Yo Gabba Gabba in HD. Anyway, after 6 days of splendid behavior, I guess we were due for a little frustration. Hopefully the early bedtime will help for tomorrow!

Day 6 in the books. In the words of G1's prayer before dinner tonight "please let the days go faster until Mom comes home..."
Looks like someone else is tired too!


  1. I'm glad the girls had a good day at camp. I remember G1 being super tired last year. You're doing a great job, Simon. Thank you! ILY


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