Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Gs and me: Day 5

Day 5: Another day in the books. Today was really the first day we had to meet a time commitment. Because we had some different stuff happening at church with our music, I needed to be there early. So it was a little more important to get both girls up, feed them, and get them ready in time as opposed to a more leisurely pace. It was also a tad more challenging because I had regular laundry as well as laundry from the 1 day excursion to the lake, both clean and dirty. To make matters even more fun, some of G1 and G2's clothes are so close in size I can't always tell them apart! Since I don't have my wife's knack for fashion, I chose a simple ensemble for the Gs!

G2 debuts with the worship team!

I can't say enough how great the girls were before and during church when there were periods of time I was preoccupied with other duties and couldn't directly supervise them. They just went about their routines and in fact, at one point I went up to the pew where we often sit and there they were just coloring and playing away! Once church got started, a friend stepped in and helped a bunch too! Another cool thing that happened was that during music practice before the service Gemma told me (on one of my trips back and forth) that she wanted to go up on the altar. She is usually so shy so I figured I'd take her up on the challenge. She became instantly shy on her way up as the worship team was playing/singing, but I found a tambourine in my drum stuff and showed her how to use it. She stayed up there the whole song and played along! It was cool for sure.

We followed up church with a Skype session with Amy which the girls loved. G2 asked Amy if she was still on the "Eh-pane" (airplane) to which Amy replied "no, but I'll be home soon." G2 followed up with her famous "5 more minute?" It was pretty special. Anyway after an unsuccessful attempt at a nap for G2 and then the girls got to visit Grandma Dee and Grandpa Jim. I was able to join them for yummy Tacos later that evening. Once we were all home again it was baths for both and preparation for Camp Aowakiya tomorrow, our 2nd timed prep! But after today I'm confident we can continue to build on our success. I even helped G1 put her laundry away, clean her bedroom and pick out something to wear at camp. G2 will have to wait until tomorrow morning.
G1 and G2 skyping with Amy


We ended by reading a book and our daily note from Amy. After that I had some time to clean the litter, do some laundry, dishes, and dump the garbage. Another great day and much to be thankful for.

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