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Two Gs and me: Day 4

Day 4: Today had so much action, it seems like multiple days are blending together! After getting up and making the Gs breakfast, Sarah relieved me again so I could get another run in. Oh, and for any of you runners, or maybe bikers, I recently got one of these because I use my phone and a GPS app to track my mileage and also to listen to music/podcasts while I run/bike. This thing is great and is much more effective than an armband for me.

After the run, we focused on whether or not to the lake for Saturday and Sunday. It was cloudy, but warm in Kellogg so I began to pack up for an overnight trip. Now, I said this before but I'll repeat it: I've always appreciated all the "behind the scenes" work my wife does for our family. But as I began packing clothes, toiletries, and entertainment for both Gs, food, cooler, towels, Dolly's stuff, and all the other miscellaneous items, I stopped and was in total awe of how well my wife does these tasks and how organized she is! Just as I was feeling as though I had it close to ready, (it was too hot to load up the car gradually, so I had to stage everything inside) I realized I hadn't even packed any clothes or supplies for me! So I finished that up, loaded up the car, rounded up the girls (including Dolly) and off we went.

My brotha-from-anotha-motha

After arriving, we were eventually joined by Ken Lagerquist. We spent the first hour cleaning/sweeping/scrubbing/spraying off a freakish amount of goose poo from our dock. Evidently a flock of geese made our dock their meeting place the last week and aye carumba they left a heck of a mess! The girls swam while Ken and I washed the dock. Soon after that we did a little bit of lounging and noticed some weather was approaching. We fired up the BBQ and had some epic steaks Ken got from Sonnenberg's Market in Spokane. Within 5 minutes of eating the skies opened up and unleashed a rainstorm of rainstorms. It was unreal. The girls actually enjoyed the sheer magnitude of the rain, lightning, and thunder. But it was daytime and I could see the concern in G2's eyes about the thunder. She still doesn't like it. I could see the writing on the wall and made the decision to return home, despite all the packing and preparation. I could barely get the car loaded it was raining so hard, but eventually we got in and returned to 2 Engdahl.

Movie Night!

The girls were so good, that we celebrated our warm dry house with another "Movie Night," to which G1 said "Dad, we have never had 3 movie nights in a row." I've been letting them watch a movie each night since we got home. Tonight I popped popcorn and also let the girls eat the treats they picked out originally for the lake. They were giddy with excitement as they watched "Barbie As Mariposa." I finished up the evening by watering, and cleaning up around the house. More ways to remind me how amazing my wife is.

I haven't taken too much time to explain how much being away from my wife, Amy, has really impacted me. The idiom "Absence makes the heart grown fonder" really has hit home for me this week and although I'm really enjoying the time I can spend with G1 and G2, I really miss my wife. It has been interesting to see the little ways that we take one another for granted in the hustle and bustle of life!
G1 took this picture before Amy flew to England!


  1. I love you and miss you all so much! Simon, you're doing a fabulous job being mom AND dad to our girls. Thank you!


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