Friday, July 13, 2012

Two Gs and me: Day 3

Day 3: OK, I've had some backup from TBILE (The Best In Laws Ever) the last few days, followed by a full day of travel and retail therapy, so today was the first actual day we've been home without Amy. Things went particularly well, thanks in part to my sister, Sarah, who came over in the AM to relieve me so I could go for a run. She watched some cartoons and helped with a sweet floor puzzle. The girls love their Auntie Sarah (Miller) and I sure appreciate her helping me get a little workout in!

The afternoon was pretty good too, as we ventured out to the KSD391 District Office for a meeting. The G's took full advantage of our new Guest Wifi on their iPads and were soon spoiled by popsicles from Terry and Cindy while I had my meeting. Air Conditioning, iPads, Popsicles... what more could you ask for? Once my meeting was over we stopped by the "City Park," as G1 calls it, and scoped out the pool. Gemma Lu was immediately ready, but I said, let's go home first. Once we got home, the girls begged to put on their swimming suits so I relented and off to the pool we went; We even had free passes from the Kellogg Public Library so we were in business! Great job reading girls!

The pool was great. G1 immediately donned her goggles and began swimming in the "Big" pool. G2 scoped out the little pool and played for a good hour before wanting to go see G1. So what the heck, I let G2 walk down the stairs in the 3' and see how the big kids rolled. She did just great, but my hesitation is that G2 knows no fear. She goes 100% until she either gets hurt or worse. So I watched her carefully. Soon after hitting up the BP (Big pool) G2 was joined by one of her BFFs from school, Sing Sing. After that the party was on! We were later joined by Grandma Dee (Gratta) and Auntie Sarah while the girls swam like there was no tomorrow. Both G1 and G2 swam hard until 5 bells when it was time to get out of the pool.

We returned home and had time for a quick change so we could go to the store to get some groceries for a possible trip to the lake Saturday/Sunday. While commuting home to Montgomery Gulch, I noticed it got a tad quiet, so I peered into the rear view mirror and noticed that G2 was sound asleep! Less than a 5 minute car ride and she was sawing logs! We had to wake her from a deep sleep to have dinner and a bath!

So here I am, 11:00PM after another wonderful day with my girls. I miss my wife terribly, but I know that she is having the trip of a lifetime so I'm able to keep on keeping on. It has been a very full and rewarding day. My girls are so amazing! Again... blessings abound.

Signing off.


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