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Two Gs and me: Day 2

Touring the Washington coast Wednesday in Rodcon's new Honda Pilot! 

Day 2: As much as I would love to stay with my In-Laws for a few more days (weeks), it was time for me and the girls to return to K-Town as we have some laundry, watering, and other commitments to honor in the upcoming week. Have I mentioned that I have the best In-Laws in the whole wide world? What an awesome stay at Casa de Rodcon we've had the last few days. I must say, although there are too many for me to name, if there was a single reason for me to believe in God, my In-Laws would be exhibit A. In 1989, they gave up all they had and left their lifelong home to come to the Silver Valley and they brought their daughters, which happened to include my bride-to-be, and began another chapter in their lives. Long story, short... they eventually returned to Tacoma, but my wife remained with me... and I'm still in awe; What a God send. 

But I digress! Day 2 was another success primarily because I have 2 of the best daughters ever. OK, the travel treats from their Grandma Dee, the iPads, and the Nintendo DSes don't hurt either, but still! Both the girls were angels and Gracie stepped up her game, once again. She helped me the entire trip, including taking Gemma into the bathrooms at all of our stops while I waited outside. Yeah they are both still young enough to go into the men's bathrooms with me, but it is becoming a bit awkward, depending on the setup of the bathrooms. None the less, G1 rocked it all day long. She was my little helper in the car and out of the car. One time I heard G2 struggling with something, probably couldn't reach her pile of M&Ms or some #firstworldproblem like that, so I said "Hey G could you help Gemma?" Gracie immediately said "OK," and I heard her resolve said issue. I looked in the rear view mirror to confirm and I caught a glimpse of Gracie rolling her eyes at G2's helplessness. Ha ha. It was hilarious. Our Gracie Faye is quite the 8 year old!

As the miles added up, the girls continued to dominate. We miss Amy to the extreme, but we are holding our own. I'm extremely blessed to say the least. Gemma's English progress is simply astounding to top it all off. We are glad to be home, but we miss Amy and we also miss Grandma and Grandpa Peterson! 

I'm finishing off the day by putting away some dishes, watering what the thunderstorm didn't get, and doing laundry from our trip. I'm also typing this blog on my laptop while tethered to my phone which is propped up in the front room window, since our Frontier DSL connection went out right in the middle of the only chat I've had with Amy in 2 days! C'MON Man! Thankfully I'm a tech ninja. I'll get this blog posted if it is the last thing I do! 

Signing off, 

A blessed Dad/Husband


  1. Simon,
    Great blog entries but you are way too generous with the in-law comments. We are the ones who praise God for you and our other two sons-in-laws, six awesome grandchildren not to mention our four fabulous daughters. We are truly blessed beyond description! We are glad you made it home safely but wish you could have stayed longer! And, like you, we miss you and the two G's too! Our blessings to you all!!! Love,
    G and G P

  2. I am so proud and blessed to have you and the Gs in my life!!


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