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Two Gs and me: Day 11

Day 11:

The day we have been eagerly waiting for, the day Amy returns to us from her trek to England. But first we had a 6+ hour road trip to complete, ending at Rodger and Connie's, so that we could go pick her and Martha up at Sea-Tac Airport. It was a long trip with a few bumps along the way, both literally and figuratively, but we still made it. The G's were doubly excited because they love visiting Grandma and Grandpa Peterson, as do I. Packing was uber-stressful because I just finshed up laundry last night and the girls were asleep so I couldn't pre-pack. So the morning was a tad hectic as I tried to pack everything, cook breakfast, water the garden and plants, and get the girls ready. But eventually we got it all done and hit the road. Whew!

Ready for the road trip! Sorry for the bright sun Gemma. 

Happy Meal to go! Call child protective services!

Check out Mt. Rainier in the distance. 

G2 colors at Grandma and Grandpas while we wait to go to the  airport.

I know that it won't fully sink in that my wife is finally home for a while. She just flew for 10+ hours and has been up for 24 hours, give or take a nap on the plane. I too am tired. Bring a single parent is very hard work, and those who do this have my ultimate admiration, especially those who also work. I know that this is how my wife feels for the majority of high school golf season. My hours are long, and I'm gone a lot, plus Amy works full time. That now has a whole new meaning to me. The last 10 days have been a great opportunity for me and I've learned a great deal. I've been able to spend lots of time with my daughters. I've been given a chance to realize how much I take my wife for granted, just because I see her every day. I've also discovered that although I strive to help out around the house as much as possible, I know I can do more. I can also do a couple of different pony tails (kinda) and I can make a meal and clean up more efficiently than before. Amy and I have attended some great marriage events, more specifically our favorite is "Weekend to Remember" by  Family Life. In those retreats I learned that marriage is not a 50/50 proposition. It is much more sacrificial than that. We should strive to love, honor, and serve our spouse, and give of ourselves freely. I have learned first hand how much my wife sacrifices for our family, every day of the week. This experience will inspire me to be a better husband and dad.

 I have enjoyed blogging throughout the entire experience and many of you have shared with me that you have enjoyed reading along. I've always had our family blog and have been a bit sporadic in posting regularly, but Amy keeps that pretty active. This blog was meant to be something I can post to with things related to my life interests and experiences, and until this experience has been dormant. My goal is to post more regularly (not likely to be daily) and include reviews of tech stuff, education, running, biking, golf, music, and whatever else life brings my way. Please feel free to follow this blog and our family blog as well at:

Waiting at the airport

Yay! Mom is home. G2 is happy, really. She just didn't want to pose for another picture. 

The 2 Gs and I are anxious to show Amy how much we appreciate her. We are all very happy, but also very tired.  It has been a great journey for sure. Thank you all for following along, and thank you to those who helped me out the last 2 weeks! Rodger, Connie, mom, dad, Sarah and many others.

Signing off... bring on the Summer Olympics!


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