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Two Gs and me: Day 10

I feel like I've worn out the phrase "what a day!" Certainly I could try to find more creative ways of illustrating my feelings at the end of each day with my two Gs and without my amazing wife, but then again I'm just too tired to muster up the creative energy. So what a day it has been! The girls woke up at a decent hour again today I have to say I've got this routine down to a... well, down to a routine! In fact, the girls were both ready early enough today that we got to Skype with Amy before going up to Camp Aowakiya  for the final day. The girls jockeyed for position and attempted to show mom 1.5 weeks worth of stuff in 10 minutes. It was fun to watch and I just made sure the connection was OK (it can't be good since we are stuck on a 3mbps DSL connection. Thanks Frontier!) and that they shared the front facing camera. Isn't technology amazing? Here were the 2 Gs, talking with their mom, who was a world away, yet seemed like she was in the same room.
Skyping with mom!

Despite G2 putting on an act that she could barely muster up the strength to get out of the car to go to camp, we had a successful drop off and after that I was back home for a quick run, followed up by some housework. I also was greeted by my neighbor George who promptly took me to his house to give me an army's supply of fresh Blueback and smoked Blueback fish. You see, my 80+ year old neighbor had been up and fishing by 4AM and back home with the freshly caught fish cleaned and soaking in water, by the time we all got up and ready for camp. I'm quite blessed to get to be in the lives of such amazing people.
Camp drop off point. 

I then went into work and got a few more things done. As I said earlier, I love what I do, and I love who I work with. I'm honored to get to work along side such great people who all work together for kids. It's quite the opportunity. Once done there, it was time to head up to Camp Aowakiya again for the end-of-the-week celebration. It's a time of seeing the camp area as well as observing the kids doing some activities and even playing some games and enjoying some treats. It all started out great with a couple of guys from the Dept. Of Lands giving a cool demonstration of their truck and all the cool equipment used to fight fires and keep our forest land healthy. The icing on the cake was that one of my former golfers and all around great kid (not a kid anymore) was one of the Dept. Of Lands guys and it was really cool to see him interact with the kids.

Dept of Lands demonstration

Protective chaps for chainsaw use

How many kids can you fit in a Dept of Lands Truck?

Fire hose demonstration by Justin, one of my former golfers!

What happened next was pretty amazing. The clouds were darkening by the minute and we even heard some rumbling thunder, but it was still pleasant, plus we were protected by the tall timbers and narrow valley surrounding the camp area. However, as we began playing a fun jelly bean relay game, it began to rain. No matter, we were having way too much fun to let a little rain dampen our spirits. (pun intended) However within about 5 minutes, the rain turned to a downpour, and the wind picked up. People ran for shelter, and I ended up in the souvenir tent with a few other staff, kids, and parents. A gust of wind blew through the tent, nearly picking up the entire shelter structure so another parent an I anchored it down while the others trammed the souvenirs to a dry/secure location. Seeing them all getting wet, we decided to grab some items and make a trip too, and about 10 seconds upon letting go of the shelter, another gust of wind picked up the shelter and threw it about 15 feet into the woods! It was pretty amazing. About that time, as we frantically tried to rescue the shelter, a few pieces of hail littered the grass. Wow this is cool, we thought, until the hail got bigger and more frequent. Before long we were being pelted by marble sized hailstones while trying to fold up the shelter. It was really amazing and if you got nailed by a piece of hail it stung! We got things secured and were able to thank the camp leaders before heading down the gulch.
G ate lunch by this creek. She loved it this week!

Some of the hail that pelted us. This had melted a bit too!

G1 and G2 by the Camp Aowakiya  backstop

We then got some ice cream at McDonalds to celebrate and met at Grandma Dee's for our treat. G1 got also got a haircut from Auntie Sarah while I did some family computer work. After that the Gs and I returned home, cooked a yummy pizza and the Gs watched a movie with their dinner while I prepared for our trip to Tacoma. After baths, I let the girls play a bit longer and considerably later than their typical bed time. When I asked them if they were ready for bed, G1 said "I am so excited to see mom I could stay up all night!" So I let them party it up for another hour or so.

Ice Cream celebration afterwards. 

G2 putting her arm around G1 while watching some TV. So sweet. 

My hail made the news! Thanks Kris Crocker!

They are now in bed, and I'm finishing up the blog while waiting for some laundry to finish up so I can pack for our trip. I'm pretty excited too. I miss my wife more than words can say and I also have an appreciation for her that knows no bounds. I remember attending pre-marriage classes, then also attending 2 Weekend to Remember retreats and hearing that our love would continue to grow. I never doubted it but I have experienced it on new levels these last two weeks. Being apart from my wonderful wife has reinforced to me once again how much I need her in all that I do. I enjoy lots of things but everything is simply better with her at my side. I wonder if I'll be able to sleep tonight!


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