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Two Gs and me: Day 1

The 2 Gs and me!

Amy and Martha check in for their flight to Amsterdam 
My wife is taking a trip to England with her sister Martha. This is a trip of a lifetime for Amy and I'm very excited that she gets do this. Although I will miss my fantastic wife in a myriad of ways, I'm going to use this time as an opportunity to really learn to appreciate all the work and energy Amy invests in our lives and our family. I'm incredibly blessed with a selfless, loving, devoted, organized, creative, faithful wife, and I know that this time will only reinforce this to me and the 2 Gs. I already know how lost I'd be without my wife. I just get a chance to experience it for 10 days!

Amy flew out July 10. So that makes today "Day 1" with just the 3 of us. Actually today, it was 2 Gs, me, and Grandma and Grandpa Peterson. We spent the day at the beach having lots of fun collecting shells and seeing the sights and also had a picnic.

Day in Review:
Breakfast: No sweat. I do this regularly anyway, plus I have the best In-Laws in the world and "Grandma Peterson" made breakfast today. (Scrambled eggs)

Getting Ready: Not too bad. I stink at picking out girl outfits,but with a limited selection since we are in Tacoma, and I had to select clothes for function (Beach/Ocean) this was not too tough.

Activities: "Grandpa Peterson" handled all the driving duties and we got to take their awesome brand new Honda Pilot. We spent the day walking on the beaches and finding lots of treasures such as shells, pretty rocks, and sand dollars! We also visited the tallest lighthouse in Washington State, and got to see many more cool things!

End of day: 2 baths (again, I do this regularly so this was great!), a little Ice Cream for dessert (come on, we are at Grandma and Grandpa's house on vacation!) and then some iPad time. Brush teeth, and off to bed.

Day 1: We did it! We miss Amy so much already, but we are doing OK!


  1. I already know you're an AWESOME dad! I love you, and the girls are blessed to have you as their dad. :) I love you and miss you so much!!!!


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