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First post: Leaded

Welcome to my new blog. I grew up in the shadow of the twin smelter stacks of the Bunker Hill Mine in Kellogg, Idaho. I played in the dirt, ate snow (not yellow), drank from nearby creeks, and breathed the air. I'm also a technology enthusiast (translated: techie/geek) among other hobbies. I'm also a coffee addict. So make what you will of the blog name. I wanted to have a place I could write (ramble) about technology, golf, biking, running, music, faith, family, and anything else I feel like talking about. My beautiful wife Amy and I have another blog at that I highly recommend you check out. I love where I live. The Silver Valley is an amazing place. Sure it's seen some ups and downs (mostly downs) lately, but I believe we are due for some positive changes. The weather is awesome (All 4 seasons in full force) and the community is second to none. Please come back and check my blog soon! My Android-o-Lantern! Epic Autumn ride Tuesday